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In March of the past year, three of my classmates and I had the luck to travel to Istanbul because of a European project about world conflicts called Erasmus+. I can assert with any doubt that this has been one of the most amazing and involving experience of my life. Beside the really important and interesting topic faced during the …

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A short tour of Turin

The 2 of April arrived and the Erasmus+’ students with it. A group of foreign guys from Norway, Spain, Turkey and Czech Republic walked around our city centre for a week, appreciating and visiting the most beautiful places and monuments of Turin, which stands out from the other Italian cities for the presence of green areas and the huge number …

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Norwegian mood

6th May 2016. While we were finishing to pack our stuff, we couldn’t manage to think about nothing else apart from the freezing Norwegian temperature: all we had brought with us consisted of sweaters, gloves and woolen socks. But then, as we got off from the plane, we were incredibly stunned: the sun was shining and the sky was deeply …

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Another writing on the wall

Can you think about a better way to express a concept than writing it on a wall? That’s why our Spanish mates organised an activity which consisted in representing our vision of women in the Second World War. Each country had to prepare a stencil, stick it and colour it with sprays that the organizers of the project gave us. …

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