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A short tour of Turin

The 2 of April arrived and the Erasmus+’ students with it. A group of foreign guys from Norway, Spain, Turkey and Czech Republic walked around our city centre for a week, appreciating and visiting the most beautiful places and monuments of Turin, which stands out from the other Italian cities for the presence of green areas and the huge number of old palaces to be known by the Italians as an open-air museum. Our tour started visiting the main squares of the centre: Piazza Castello (where you can see Palazzo Madama and the Royal Palace), Piazza San Carlo, Piazza Carignano (where there is Palazzo Carignano, seat of the first Italian parliament) and Piazza Vittorio Veneto (the biggest porched square in Europe). At the end of the first day we decided to relax in the “green lungs” of the city, Valentine Park, not a simple park, but also the place where the royalists spent their summer holiday. During the rest of the Erasmus+ week our tour continued among the royal residences as Reggia di Venaria  and the Turin museums as Cinema museum, located in Mole Antonelliana (the symbol of the city). In this way this experience gave us also a cultural side, showing  the foreign students new kinds of beauty in architecture, different from the one of their own country.

Francesco Bellettatid

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