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Norwegian mood

6th May 2016. While we were finishing to pack our stuff, we couldn’t manage to think about nothing else apart from the freezing Norwegian temperature: all we had brought with us consisted of sweaters, gloves and woolen socks.

But then, as we got off from the plane, we were incredibly stunned: the sun was shining and the sky was deeply blue.

Despite our being sceptic, luck gave us an opportunity to think again.

In fact, while in Italy it was raining cats and dogs, from Norway we were sending our friends selfies in bikini, laying next to a beautiful lake and barbecuing sausages and hamburgers, surrounded by an amazing wild nature. So cool!

Beyond the unexpected tan, it was a great opportunity to get in touch with other cultures, traditions and lifestyles, to taste what our host families prepared for us and to share unforgettable moments: what about the interesting tour in Oslo, with the Park Vigeland and his fascinating and funny sculptures, the Opera House and the streets full of shops? How is it possible to forget the flavour of the salmon, of the milk chocolate, and of the elk’s meat?  And last but not least, what about the small, but very nice and welcoming, village we stayed in, Kongsberg? The beautiful and cold river? The typical cottages? The traditional dresses from the different families and regions?

After all, we can say that all our efforts to work on the project and to go along with different ideas and traditions from ours, were worth it!

Ilaria Valleb

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