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In March of the past year, three of my classmates and I had the luck to travel to Istanbul because of a European project about world conflicts called Erasmus+.

I can assert with any doubt that this has been one of the most amazing and involving experience of my life.

Beside the really important and interesting topic faced during the meeting, the unique thing was the cultural context we were in and the atmosphere we managed to create.

Living in a local family, sleeping in one of their rooms, having dinner with them and going on about different topics with these people opened up a whole new world to me.

Turkey is a different planet if compared to the globalized Europe. And for one of the first time in my life I was by myself and free to explore and discover without the presence of my parents.

If I have to pick one particular experience among the many I had over there, I’ll say visiting . Even if the typical “oriental market” is the most stereotypical thing you can think concerning Turkey, its beauty and vitality is simply priceless. Watching our friends trading for some spices or souvenirs to bring home made me feel the variety and richness of a different culture.

Furthermore my hosting turkey brother was an awesome dude who had the patience to show me the city and teach some Turkish.

I definitely couldn’t ask for a better experience, an irreplaceable experience that I can brag about in that special curriculum called “life”.


Chiara Galiotoe

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